Irregular Expenses

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

22 – January 22

“Just about the time you think you can make both ends meet, somebody moves the ends.”—Pansy Penner

Irregular expenses are often budget-busters. This is because they aren’t a part of our regular, monthly expenses, and we tend to forget them. Then suddenly, like a harbinger of doom, there they are looming over your checkbook, cackling with glee that they’ve given you this nasty surprise. Your car breaks down and the repair bill is five hundred dollars. The water heater goes out, or the computer suddenly develops amnesia. The once-a-year insurance premium is due and you had forgotten all about it. It’s time for your yearly vacation, but you didn’t put money aside to take that cruise you want.

Cruise ship Bay of Naples

The solution is to make a list of all your irregular expenses by month. What is due in January that isn’t due any other month? Insurance premiums, taxes, vacation expenses, and club membership dues are not regular monthly expenses and should go on this list. Don’t forget to include money for repairs and maintenance on your automobiles, computer upgrades, Christmas presents, etc. Make a list for each month of the year, then total the amount of money for the entire year. Divide this number by twelve and you will have the average amount of money you spend on irregular expenses. Put this figure as a line item on your budget…

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*Special Note to all my readers:

My publisher recently voiced concerns that it might not be wise for me to publish the entire contents of my book every day since it would then be available in perpetuity online. A good point, don’t you think? So each week, I will publish the blog with a few complete pages from The Wealthy Spirit and the rest of the week will publish just a part of the page for reference.

Today’s Affirmation: “I have positive cash flow right here, right now, and always!”

It’s wonderful to see the economy bouncing back, thank goodness! The stock market is zooming upward, and the talking heads on TV are once again expressing some optimism. Whew! Thanks to Gloria Gaynor for getting us through singing choruses of “I Will Survive!”

But prosperity has its down side, too – many of the lovely deals and discounts that were once available aren’t available any more. Here’s a couple that I have noticed personally:

First, there was a report in the Los Angeles Times about how only half of the restaurants that were offering steep discounts for the last couple of years are doing so now. I had already seen that my favorite Cheesecake Factory wasn’t giving free coupons for cheesecake with purchase of an entrée any longer. Oh, well, that’s probably better for my waistline…

But then I ran into a big snag in booking my January Las Vegas getaway with my poker gal pals. For years, I have received promotions from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for 3-4 nights free, plus $50-100 dining credits, plus $250-400 in free slot play. A gold card member, I really loved my deals! But in November when I called to make a reservation, my casino host told me that there were no promotions and he’d have to see what came through later. The best he could do was one night at $179 and two nights free. No dining credit. No free slot play.

The gals at Milos at the Cosmopolitan

Ouch! I checked with the Harrah’s chain to see if they were any different, and found the same pull-back in discounts. My offer package in November showed free rooms for all the hotels available all week, except for Caesar’s Palace which had discounted rates from $47-127 most nights. But the latest update I received showed no free rooms for Caesars, Planet Hollywood, or Paris, and only a few free nights for their other hotels (the Rio, Bally’s, Flamingo, Harrah’s, and Imperial Palace.

Canals outside the Venetian

So we stayed at the Venetian and had a fabulous time. And I had some lovely jackpots in their penny slot machines, too, to help pay the way.

$460 win!

Love how they spit gold coins


  1. I’ve decided to welcome unexpected expenses – and allow them to point the way to more wealth!