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— John Assaraf, a featured teacher in The Secret; millionaire businessman
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"When I first took Chellie’s class I was worried that I could not pay my rent. After Chellie’s class, using her principles and my new career direction I doubled my income in the first 6 months and within two years was a million dollar producer in my industry. The following year I bought my first home that is now worth over 1 million. That’s a long way from the apartment that I didn’t have the rent for. Warning: Only take Chellie class if you want to be financially successful."

Gaye Kruger-Ribble
The Company Image, Inc.

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"I think it's just AWESOME!"
- Kelle Sparta, Author of "The Consultative Real Estate Agent"

"This Dolphin Club is a Fantastic achievement, and I can't wait to see what develops when we are all getting connected and creative in this forum. You are a genius, an inspiration, and God Bless!"
- Ahdda Shur, Voice Yoga

"How exciting!!!!! May the virtual sea be full of happy, prosperous Dolphins."
- Phyllis Chase, MFT

“I wanted to share a Dolphin Club story with you. About 7 years ago I hired Jacques Soriano for one of the dot coms that I was working for. I had lost touch with him until yesterday when he found my profile on the Dolphin Club site! We are getting together next week. Dolphin sonar works great. Thanks for creating the space to connect!”
—Patricia A. Romboletti,