Jess H. Perlman

"As you know, I am a cynic. I was doubtful that reciting affirmations and creating a positive attitude could make a difference in my business (and profits). You have more than proven that what you promised (a guaranteed increase in sales and profits) could come true. After several weeks of classes I noticed both a change in my attitude and in my revenue. I first noticed results when I added my sales totals for November and December 1999. Just as you promised, my sales and profits had significantly increased. The two months that I was enrolled in your class were the two best consecutive months that I have had since starting my business. Today, I often stray from your philosophies and teachings and my income (and good leads) seems to decline accordingly. All I have to do to get back on track is listen to your tape, review class materials, and/or make a mental review of some of your ideas. Thank you, Chellie!" — Jess H. Perlman, Automatique Sales & Leasing, 818-760-4118,