A Moment out of Somewhere

272-September 29

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.”—Robert Louis Stevenson


My friend, Sarah Edwards, co-author of The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook with her husband, Paul, sent me this lovely story:

“I was rushing to meet Paul at the hardware store. As I charged along, I was oblivious to the sunny day and the crisp breeze around me. I was pretty oblivious to everything actually, except getting where I was going…until I heard the voice. A man was singing. The sound was so strong and deep and clear, I had to know, who was that?

I stopped walking. My eyes were darting from place to place. I had to find the source. There! Sitting on a crate along the sidewalk was a very old man.

“I found Paul and told him to meet me outside where I’d be listening to the street performer. And there I stood for the next fifteen minutes. But I could have stayed all day. His voice was gravelly and deep like rough sandpaper; then rich and smooth like molasses, and finally, for moments, rising so clear and pure as to seemingly be soaring on the wings of eagles. He sang song after song from some long forgotten past, coming from someplace within himself.

“Clusters of people were walking by. Teenage girls, laughing and giggling among themselves. Couples fully engaged in one another. Families straggling and herding each other like a gaggle of geese. Old folk out for a Sunday walk. Almost without exception, as they approached, they, too, would stop, if only a moment, to search for the source of a voice that was singing to their soul…

Continued on page 272 of The Wealthy Spirit


Today’s Affirmation: “I listen and everywhere the voice of God moves me and inspires me.”

Staying focused on happiness is so important – not only to our well-being now, but to our future happiness. It is in focusing on the good things and the feelings of happiness now that actually creates your future!

Are you focusing on fear or faith? Remember that fear is just faith that bad things are going to happen. You can think up endless ways you can fail, can’t you? You can vividly imagine all manner of disasters, financial insecurity, loss of home, job, even life. Why would you want to put your creative mind on that?

One of my favorite quotes is this:

“The Universe is responding to you in your NOW.  So whatever you’re feeling right NOW means that is what you are sending out vibrationally right NOW, which means that is what you are attracting to yourself right NOW, which means your future is FULL of a bunch of stuff that is gonna feel pretty much like right NOW feels.”–Abraham-Hicks

You see how it works?

One of the things I use to stay focused on feeling happy now is to watch television shows that make me feel really happy.  One of the shows that is doing that for me right now is “The X Factor”. I wasn’t expecting that – it has surprised me. But some of the singers have been so fabulous, it’s a pleasure to watch them. And they have their family and friends waiting backstage in hopeful expectation, and when the audience goes crazy and screams and applauds, and rises to their feets to acclaim them, their families cry and jump for joy and hug each other and cry. And I cry with them – happy tears! – as they watch their wildest dreams come true. I share in their joy! It is awesome and wonderful – all dolphins know this feeling of joy on behalf of others.

You’ll have another chance tonight to participate vicariously in such happiness – watch the show. Celebrate the winning of others and you’ll find more winning happening in your life, too. Transfer all those happy feelings into your visualization of your successes!

Happiness, joy, prosperity, success, and love are waiting for you. Believe it!!