Absolutely Amazing Abundance Affirmations!

When I ask an audience to raise their hands if they know someone who is financially stressed, everyone raises their hands immediately. We have such a collective disempowered attitude about money, filled with lack and limitation!

The first step in changing your experience with money is to change your thoughts about money. It takes practice, and I designed affirmations to rewire your brain to believe in your prosperity! The very first affirmation I teach is, “People love to give me money!” When I have people say it out loud with me, the energy level in the room goes up immediately. People start laughing—it’s fun, and it feels so different to say a positive, fun, money affirmation. I say, “See, you can’t say it without smiling!”

The results have been amazing. One attorney thought it was silly, but was game to try it and so repeated this statement all the way home from the class. As he walked up to his front door, his roommate ran out and handed him a check for money he had owed him for nine months. Effie, a young photographer, was saying this affirmation in her car. When she stopped at a traffic light, a homeless man knocked on her window. When she rolled it down, he handed her five dollars!

Change your mind about money today and change your experience with money tomorrow. Try it and see.

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