Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop and Teleclass Certification Program

Now You Can Make Money, Do Good, and Have Fun as a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach

Dear Coaches, Speakers, Therapists, Consultants, Financial Advisors, Trainers, and others who would love to be in business helping people live richer and happier lives:

Do you love helping people find their blind spot, overcome its challenges, and zoom to power, profits, and prosperity in every area of their lives? Do you love speaking and coaching, yet find the “Big Room Seminars” not the most effective business model for you or the participants? Are you frustrated trying to create a unique brand and a niche that will make you happy and rich?

Now you can become a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach and experience the incredible joys of helping people past their fear of financial insecurity into a life of financial freedom! And you’ll have fun and make money doing it!

In any economy, people are clamoring for help – at a recent networking group, I asked, “How many people know somebody who is financially stressed?” Every hand in the room went up immediately!

I knew that. Having built a bookkeeping service from 2 employees and $80,000 annual sales to 13 employees and $450,000 in sales over 4 years, I had counseled hundreds of clients on their finances. I had seen that often the wealthy people had no spirit–and the spiritual people were broke. Why was this disconnected? I wondered. I started sharing my strategies for success in all areas of life with my clients. And then, in one week, three people independently said, “Chellie, you should teach this!”

And the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop was born. Created in 1990, taught in 2-hour sessions once a week for 8 weeks, the course gave people the financial and life management skills they needed to succeed. I kept the class sizes small – only 8-12 people per class – so that everyone could get the individual attention necessary for transformational change.

And it worked! From the very first class, participants started changing their lives and their money. Some doubled their incomes in the course, quit their jobs and opened successful businesses, paid off debts, gotten married, and left unfulfilling jobs or relationships behind them. They were happier, more fulfilled, more balanced–creating a life while creating a living.

I knew I had found my life’s purpose. My whole life had been training me for this work that the world needed.

Here are a few of the testimonials about the course I have received:

“I have tripled my income and finally got that saving program going. Do not miss this workshop. Give Chellie 8 weeks, do what there is to do in the workshop and you will get huge benefits.”
Mimi Donaldson, Co-author, Negotiating for Dummies and Bless Your Stress,

“The tenets of Chellie’s The Wealthy Spirit and the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop are absolutely the backbone of my business. Fortunately, I took the class right as I was opening my private practice, and it saved me a lot of the “first-year-in-business-in-the-red blues.” Smartest money I ever paid. My peers are shocked and amazed at how fast I grew my business and how much money I made in my first year. The best part is, she makes money management SO SIMPLE. Thanks, Chellie! I’m now the powerful businesswoman I always wanted to be!”
Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Therapeutic Hypnosis/Psychotherapy

“The best thing I ever did for my business was take Chellie Campbell’s Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop and to use her book The Wealthy Spirit as my bible. I cannot recommend Chellie highly enough. She takes all the mystery and agony and pain out of selling, marketing, understanding who “your people” are, how to get your “mind right,” and how to get the money rolling in! I know hundreds of people who have taken her workshop who can attest that it was a Godsend and miracle to their business.”
Carol Allen, Relationship Coach and Astrologer

As the years went by, I was encouraged by many participants to spread the word by writing a book, and so The Wealthy Spirit and then Zero to Zillionaire were born. Published by Sourcebooks, Inc., I have received thousands of emails from all over the world declaring that its message helped them with life and money mastery.

Many of them asked how they could participate in a workshop, since they couldn’t come to Los Angeles for 8 weeks?

In response to this demand, in 2009 I recreated the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop as a Telecourse. But I still kept the classes small, since this course is extremely interactive: each participant shares each week and receives individual coaching around their particular issues, as well as having access to me for questions outside of class.

It’s such an honor to be able to help people master their finances and succeed. I love teaching this work! People have attended from all over the country, from Canada, England, Austria, Hong Kong, and Japan. The desire for financial mastery extends all over the globe.

But with small class sizes, I can’t teach everyone. I need help! I need to train more people to do this work.

Now you can be trained and certified to teach these classes, and give people the help they are clamoring for!


I just love my business model. When I taught the classes in person at my home, I put the coffee on, people showed up, I taught them, they went home, I turned the coffee off. Simple, yes? Now that I do it as a teleclass, people no longer have to drive anywhere or worry about missing a class if they’re out of town – they just pick up the phone wherever they are. And I provide a recording of each class for the participants, too.

I’ve been making a six-figure income every year since 1995. You, too, can do good, have fun, and make money without leaving your home! It’s a rich and wonderful life and I am delighted to share it with you.

I know there are many people – trainers, educators, speakers, therapists, coaches, financial professionals, etc. – who, like me, want a smaller, home-based business where they can do good, make money, and have fun. And one that you can take breaks from and have time off to just live life, go on vacation, nap, meditate, and breathe. I have created that business model, program, and branding for a business that works for the seminar leader as well as the seminar attendee. And you can have it all right now for a fraction of the cost it took me to develop it over the past 23 years.

How It Works

I have chosen the “business opportunity” model rather than franchising, which means that you will be the owner of your own independent business, instead of an employee or franchisee. In addition to being much simpler, it is much less expensive for all concerned. As a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach, I will give you the tools to teach the workshop and license you to use my name, my brand, my books, the course participants’ workbooks, trainer’s manual, etc. You can be a full-time trainer, or add the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop as one program you offer in addition to your other work.

I invite you to join with me at our next training:

Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop Certified Coaches Training

You will attend one of the next 3 sessions of the Financial Stress Reduction® telecourse to be held via conference call. The classes are held on the following days and times. (You will be contacted by email for actual dates of each training session.)

Mondays – 8 Monday evenings from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (PT)
Tuesdays – 8 Tuesday afternoons from 12:00 noon – 2:00 pm (PT)
Wednesdays – 8 Wednesday evenings from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (PT)

You will be attending the course with other participants, but those who are taking the Coaches training will stay on the call for one more hour while we discuss what happened in the class, how to handle the various issues that arise, how to identify people’s financial road blocks, and how to help them past them.

There will be an additional two-hour session to be arranged for all the FSR Certified Coaches which will address how to market and sell the workshop and additional services.

Each Participant in the Teleclass Training will receive:

1. Training: how to teach the Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop.
2. Training: how to market and sell the workshop.
3. Copy of Coaches’ Manual
4. Copy of Participants Manual (currently approximately 230 pages).
5. Format for speeches at networking, trade, and other organizations.
6. Format for 30-second commercial introductions.
7. Format for flyers and business cards.
8. Featured Membership in the Dolphin Club online
9. Ongoing coaching support in quarterly Coaches conference calls


I have done a lot of research on pricing. Franchises are enormously expensive – a Coffee Bean franchise investment runs from between $250,000 to $450,000, plus ongoing license and royalty fees. The franchise fee for consulting or service businesses is less but still significant, for example, the Sandler Sales Institute’s fee is $63,000. Fees for business opportunities range between $28,000-50,000 and I have seen them listed as high as $90,000 on and The Growth Coach franchise fee is listed online as $39,500 – $45,900.

By contrast, the investment for this program currently is only $10,000. Note that you only have to enroll four participants at $2,500 each in your first workshop in order to completely recoup your entire investment.

There is an annual licensing fee of $1,200 (included in the initial investment for the first year). You will have access to me for business coaching and questions during the quarterly Coaches conference call, and you will receive first priority for booking additional private consultations with me whenever you need them. The cost of private sessions is currently $250 per half hour. You have my assurance that I will continue to be working on your behalf to make sure that you are successful in this wonderful business!

Testimonials From and For Financial Stress Reduction® Coaches:

Hi Chellie,

I hope your holidays have been filled with family, friends and joy. I’ve been thinking about you lately as I say my affirmations.

I wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for helping me make 2013 a major year of transition for me. Without your help, I may never have found my true calling. It seems as if your words have touched me so deeply, that you have helped me to open up a part of my brain. I see things in such a different light now. The way you teach helps me to truly understand how your teachings relate directly to my life and how I have the power to quickly and forever change my ways to live life to the fullest. In fact, I will never see the world the same way again! This is why I feel honored to be able to teach your class and help others open their eyes to the fun and achievable reality of turning their dreams into actual memories.

I am forever grateful to you and your work. I love that you are in my life and I’m honored to be able to call you a friend. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I will be in touch after the 6th when my daughter goes back to school.

Best wishes to you and your family,
Kristina Walker

Hi Chellie,

Hope your weekend was fabulous! I wanted to share with you a post on our class FB page that I just received. I love sharing with you how wonderful your work is and how profoundly it affects all our lives:

Something quite remarkable happened…and I guess not surprising. After I broke up with the couple that was not a match, I referred them to someone who I thought could help them who then called me yesterday to see if I was still available for the “piece” that is my expertise. I said yes and that felt good. So I am back in the game with integrity and doing the part I feel good about providing. AND I got two new clients yesterday – who emailed me (one was a ship I sent out 2 months ago!) who are my “ideal.” Amazing how when you hold on to something that doesn’t work nothing flows and when you let it go, all falls into it’s perfect place. Lesson learned!! Love the class Kristina! Thank you for your love, compassion, knowledge and support. – Jaime

I can’t wait to teach this week’s class!!!

Best wishes,

Kristina Walker)

The day before I signed up for the Financial Stress Reduction class the power company came to my house to shut off my gas. Today, three months later, with this class under my belt, my income has already surpassed my total income from last year and my gas is on. I have also taken my business to another level and it started with the recognition that this class would help my business grow. Kate Houlihan and the FSR class have helped me to define my goals, put processes in place for success and step forward into the role of a thriving entrepreneur. It is the single best investment I have made into my business in the last two years.

Andrea Deinstadt
Professional Organizer
Westchester Country, NY

Since attending the “Financial Stress Reduction Workshop” I have developed a keen sense of “I Am” and “I Can”. I am always in control of my situation and I can do everything that needs to be done to generate my wealth. I always win!!
Thanks Jan Scott for a wonderful workshop experience.

Yvonne J. James, President, Events By Yvonne

Contact information for all current FSR Coaches is listed here: Find a Financial Stress Reduction Workshop

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach, and find out more about how this might work for you, please email me at or call 310-476-1622. I will be delighted to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about the program.



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Chellie Campbell is the creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops now taught as an 8-week telecourse attended by people from all over the world. The author of The Wealthy Spirit, Zero to Zillionaire, and From Worry to Wealthy, she is one of Marci Shimoff’s “Happy 100” in her NYT bestseller Happy for No Reason and contributed stories to Jack Canfield’s books You’ve Got to Read This Book! and Life Lessons from Chicken Soup for the Soul. She was president of the LA Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners, winner of the Worthwhile Referral Sources Member of the Year, Hall of Fame and Spirit Awards, voted “Most Inspirational Speaker” by Women in Management, “Speaker of the Year” by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and “Rotarian of the Year” by the Pacific Palisades Rotary Club. She is prominently quoted as a financial expert in The Los Angeles Times, Redbook, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Lifetime, Essence, Woman’s World and more than 50 popular books.


Chellie can be reached at or call 310-476-1622.
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