103 – April 13

“I always wanted to be somebody. I can see now I should have been more specific.”–Lily Tomlin

Years ago, I heard this story:

One hot summer’s day, a man was driving a truck down the road with a load of penguins in the back. Suddenly, his truck broke down. He got out, looked under the hood, and saw that he could fix the problem but it was going to take several hours. He was very concerned about the penguins being in the sun that long.

As he wondered what to do, he looked up and saw another truck coming down the road, and lo and behold–it was empty! Hopefully, he flagged down the other truck and explained his problem. He asked, “Could you please take these penguins to the zoo?” The other trucker agreed, loaded up the penguins in the back of his truck, and drove off.

The man worked on the repairs to his truck for about three hours, and was just about done when he saw the other trucker coming back down the road. But the penguins were still in the back of the truck! Only now, they were wearing sunglasses.

Very puzzled, he ran out in the road and flagged down the other trucker and said, “I thought I told you to take these penguins to the zoo!”

The other trucker said, “I did! And we had such a good time, now we’re going to the beach!”

Today’s Affirmation: “I see clearly what I desire and everyone I meet helps me create it.”

Well, hallelujah and thank God for backup.

This afternoon, after giving my free teleclass “Women Don’t Ask”, my internet service went kaput. Sigh. I called Verizon, went through the menu (yes, I already turned the computer and the modem off and on) and got put on hold for 15 minutes, then was transferred to a person. Then somehow I got disconnected.

I called back, another trip through the menu–BTW, I just love how the menu lady gives me instructions to go to the internet for help when my internet is broken! Ok, I held for 15 minutes, and got a person. He spoke with me for a minute, took my cell phone number in case we got disconnected, and then promptly disconnected me. He didn’t call back.

Sigh. Okay, patience Chellie, dial again. This time, after holding for 20 minutes, my phone went dead.

Arrrgh! @phftt!x&*#! Stomp around, gnash teeth.

Calming down, I used cell phone to call phone repair. You know the drill by now. Once again, I got disconnected – in the middle of the menu this time.

Now I am just determined to get help and use my roommate’s phone to try again. Success! They’re coming tomorrow to fix the phone somewhere between 8am and 5pm. I told them to bring a new modem with them. Hopefully they can do both things at the same time. Keeping fingers crossed! Anybody got some good repair/fix it affirmations?

Meanwhile, thanking God for roommates with computers and phones for backup, because I’m writing this blog on her computer!


  1. mariaemma says

    Chellie, this is hilarious – although I know it’s not hilarious when in the middle of it. What’s the funniest, I guess, is that it is almost word for word what has happened to me on several occasions – with just a few slight variations – it’s my story! And I’m guessing the story of lots of other people. Sometimes I think I must not be positive enough – why would I attract this kind of crap – but then I realize, AGAIN, it’s really trivial compared to important things. So I do what you did – thank you, God, for my other phone line, thank you for my cell phone, thank you for the other internet service I can tap into…then, sometimes, it’s down to – thank you, God, that I have legs, that I can see, that I’m healthy, that I have a house…thanks for sharing with humor and reminding us all of the important things in life.

  2. The end of the story is that I got up early this morning, prepared to wait for the repairman to come somewhere between 8-6. Meanwhile, I turned everything off again, unplugged, re-plugged, and turned everything on. Eureka! Everything – phone, computer, internet – worked.

    Another mystery of life.

    And then I was a good person and called Verizon to tell them not to come. The woman thanked me…and then 3 hours later, the repairman called to say he was on his way. Sheeeeesh.

    But all is working, I sent out my emails, happily posted on Facebook, made calls, etc. All in a day’s work.

    All is right with the world again!

  3. My friend Zeda sent me this response:

    Hey Chel,
    When I read today’s blog,I had to laugh out loud & sitting by myself, that is always fun,
    if not a little strange.
    I have totally been in your shoes both with the phone companies & technical ‘caca’.
    Bruce tries to calm when down when I throw away hours of my precious time being on hold & getting disconnected, or having to tell my story over & over again to operators that can not understand why I am so frustrated. I want to jump thru the phone and choke them to death.
    One good thing did come from our last ‘technical hell’ situation. We have always been a PC family both at home & in the office & about 7 months ago Bruce bought a new top of the line Toshiba laptop (after doing months of research!) It ended up being a lemon and was in the shop 4 times for over a week each time. This, as you can well imagine could be a very long story with the crazy things they came back to us with after each ‘doctors visit’!
    Here is the good punch-line. After the 4th ‘challenge’ Toshiba said they wouldn’t repair it again and to pick out a new laptop. ……
    I was able to talk Bruce into using that money to buy a new TV for the bedroom & we went to the Mac store & got him a Mac Pro laptop.
    I would have never been able to get him to convert to Mac with out months of frustration….. and our next purchase is going to be a Mac laptop for me too. I am no longer going to let the fear of ‘difficult learning curve” stop me from a new adventure.
    I can do anything with the right help and support ……. (thank you for your constant inspiration)
    sending hugs … off to NY this weekend for some cool meetings with Mr. Trump’s top executives … to learn of things to come. Hope he’ll drop in to make a surprise appearance.
    xoxoxo, Zee

  4. Me, too, today. Charter internet, phone, cable went out this morning and this is my day when I’m fresh and eager to put my efforts to new success. Bless that little cell phone! They were only out 2 hours and I got a $4 discount for one day’s service. I’ll take it.