Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

56 – February 25

“Do or do not. There is no try.”—Yoda in Star Wars by George Lucas


Punkin, Corinne’s cat, had just had kittens. Five of the cutest little calico kitties you could imagine. I hadn’t had a pet in years, and had always had dogs. Now I thought it might be fun to have a cat. So, on this bright June afternoon, I visited Corinne, Punkin and the kittens in order to choose one for my own.

The littlest, scaredy-cat, runt of the litter with the big ears and wide golden eyes was mine the minute I saw her. “She looks like Yoda from Star Wars,” I declared, and that promptly became my kitten’s name. I told Corrine I wanted her, but was going on vacation in a couple of weeks and didn’t want to leave the kitten alone, so could I please leave her there and pick her up after I got home? Corinne thought about this and said okay, but pressed me to make sure I was committed to owning this cat. She wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to change my mind and bail out of the deal at the last minute. I gave her my assurances, but could tell Corinne wasn’t totally convinced.

I left Corinne’s house and immediately went to the pet store to go shopping for my new kitty! I bought her food bowl, her water dish, some play toys, lots of cat food, a litter box, and a big, carpeted cat tree. After I unloaded all my cat loot at home, I called Corinne.

“I just spent $150 on my cat,” I told her. “I’m committed!”

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Today’s Affirmation: “I relish the commitments I make and keep.”

Charles McNulty, film critic for the LA Times wrote an article Sunday about how he didn’t think this year’s crop of movies was all that great, even though much was being made of them all. I agreed, and wrote him back my opinion:

Hi, Charles,
I resonated strongly with your article in the Times this morning. Thank you so much for voicing this opinion that I and a lot of my friends share. I dislike most of these so-called “great” movies!
Dallas Buyers Club is the lone exception – beautifully done with so much heart and told a story I was unaware of. 5 Kisses on my scale.
As for the rest, Wolf of Wall Street – I won’t see a movie that advertises they say the F word over 500 times. That’s just not what I think is a fun way to spend my time. 0 Kisses.
12 Years a Slave – I empathize with the story and would love to see it, but the reports of the brutality keep me away. 0 Kisses
Blue Jasmine – It was okay, but I liked the gal who played the sister better than Cate B. 3 Kisses
Gravity – Very enjoyable just to watch the special effects of space and Sandra Bullock was awesome! Story was too one-note though so I wouldn’t see it again. 3 Kisses
American Hustle – Who was I supposed to root for? The hair, I guess. I turned it off. 1 Kiss
Philomena – I haven’t seen it yet but I will. 5 Kisses in advance just because Dame Judy is in it.
As for the value of critics, I am solidly in your corner! We need intelligent, educated reviewers with taste to tell us the truth. Thank you!! Please carry on.
He wrote me back that morning, too:
I love your kisses scale!  Made me chuckle.  Thank you for writing.  And for your support!  Best regards, Charles
Too fun!