Crime and Punishment

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

51 – February 20

“When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you.”—Chuck Norris

Have you ever done something you’re ashamed of? Made a bad decision, a blunder which you later regretted?

There was a time when I was very unhappy with myself. I had done something dumb and the committee inside my head was giving me a very hard time. “You’re so stupid!” the voice said. “How could you have done that?” chimed in another. “You’ll never get ahead if you keep doing things like that” said the third. On and on the committee raged.

Disgusted with myself, I went to the grocery store, but the litany of inadequacies continued while I shopped. The negative voices had really taken over my consciousness and were punishing me.

Finished at the store, I drove home and into my parking lot. I got out of the car, opened the back door, and leaned over to grab my brown paper grocery bag. Somehow it had gotten wedged in tight between the floor and the seat and was stuck. Angrily, I tugged and pulled at the bag. All of a sudden the paper bag tore, and the force of my tugging sent my arm flying up, my hand in a fist—and I punched myself in the nose!

I fell down flat on my back in the parking lot. My eyes welled with tears—it really hurt! But at the same time I burst out laughing. What a sight I must have been as I lay there giggling in the dust. But in that moment it had become so clear to me what had happened. I had been mentally beating myself up and the power of my negative thoughts was so strong I had actualized it.

What we think is what we create. I have never had such a clear and powerful demonstration of it as that day in the parking lot. I vowed never to waste my creative energy beating myself up again.

Do you worry and fret about money? Does your committee tell you that you’re financially inadequate? Do you spend your creative energy focused on what’s not working with your finances? Stop that! Go back to all your positive affirmations. Say them out loud to yourself in the mirror until you believe it. Every time you think a negative money thought, you have to do two positive affirmations—one to cancel out the negative thought, and the other to move you to a more positive frame of mind. The committee is trainable—you give it direction and power. Teach it to tell you good things about you and your financial condition.

Or you might be punching yourself in the nose in a parking lot.

Cat nap

Today’s Affirmation: “My mind is full of powerful, loving thoughts about myself.”

Sometimes, I just make myself nuts over things I can’t do anything about. One day, my website went down for 3 days. Picture much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I knew I needed some solace and support from my buddies, so I posted on Facebook:

At 4:00 am this morning, Paranoid Schizo Chellie woke me up, cackling that my web site had disappeared forever and I was doomed. Luckily, I caught her, put her back in lockup, and called forth Angel Chellie again through some powerful affirmations like EGBOK (Every Thing’s Gonna Be OK). Send positive thoughts, please!

And my darling friends posted back. Here’s a sampling of their wonderful words:

TaRessa Stovall Your timing is always elegant and divine. Your work is so profound that a web glitch can’t touch your magic. Plus you’ll just turn it into one of your wonderful stories with a powerful lesson at the end! We love you and are sending you rich, prosperous, abundant tech blessings!

Lorrie Kazan during the Bush adm my brother’s anti-war site disappeared off the internet. we had a field day speculating on that one!

Dina DiStefano Websites need vacations too! Don’t worry, it will be back soon and fully rested to boot!

Nancy Barry-Jansson Chellie, I see all glitches resolved & your site back up in no time. In the meantime, enjoy a co-vacation with your site! :o)

Kathryn Alice Misery loves company, so it’s nice to hear a fellow internet person (one I admire) is also having challenges. We are in Barbados, where the internet/phone situation has been giving us trouble. For some people, bad, but for those whose business runs on internet, REALLY hard. Love & support!

Orna Walters Everything Is Going To Be Okay! You are Loved.

Amit Bidwe I am going through your website! (Hoping to see it!)

Allyn Cioban i remember EGBOK! (and it’s true!!!) sending love and light and good wireless ju-ju! xx

Joanne P. Stein Phew! Glad to know I’m not the only one with a “paranoid schizo” self as well as an angelic self. EGBOK indeed!!!

Ah, I felt so much better when I shared my woes and got some love and virtual pats on the back. Did more affirmations, and then to top off my feeling-good-again mood, did a little shopping on the Internet and bought myself another pair of gold & leopard sneakers.

Ah, Retail Therapy works its wonders again! The web site was back up the next day.