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Chellie Campbell

The Financial Stress Reduction Course is an 8-week series designed to help professionals, small business owners and budding entrepreneurs make more money and have more time off for fun. Small, interactive mastermind groups (maximum 10 people) are led by Chellie Campbell, author of bestselling “The Wealthy Spirit”, “Zero to Zillionaire”, and “From Worry to Wealthy”. All classes are taught live, on Zoom with no pre-recorded information.

Are you ready to be paid – really well paid – for the wonderful work you do?

Do you want to end the struggles with money forever?

Would you like to have lots of time off to enjoy your family, travel, nature, leisure, and the good life?

Imagine having a system that shows you just how to help the world with your wonderful products and services, make plenty of money, and enjoy a balanced life full of joy and love.

I have it and I’ve helped thousands of others with proven strategies that have worked for professionals, established business owners, and beginning entrepreneurs for over 20 years.

Now you have it, too! You can stop the stop worrying, feel financially secure, and love your life!
As the owner of a business management firm with 13 employees for 12 years, I worked with hundreds of clients to help them manage their finances. All of them—no matter what their level of income—had financial stress.

Simple one-on-one consultations with my own clients, explaining money management principles, techniques for success, and how to be happier at the same time, became in 1990 an eight-week course. I designed it to help people achieve wealth in their work, serenity in their spirits and a balance between the two.

It struck a nerve with people from all walks of life: doctors, attorneys, CPAs, business owners, coaches, therapists, construction workers, government employees, photographers, housewives, plumbers and the unemployed. The techniques and principles apply to all, no matter what their income level.

The results people achieved amazed me. Whatever their circumstances, participants in the workshop found they could lift themselves to the next level of success. One woman made $35,000 the first week of the class and went on to develop a nationwide executive search firm. A roofing contractor increased his sales 300 percent in just four weeks; an unemployed man found a new job and a six-figure income within three months. Stuck at a plateau of $100,000 per year annual sales, a woman in advertising specialties booked over $2,000,000 the next year.


“One of my clients remarked ‘good for you’ when I told her about my increased rates…”

“Dear Chellie, I have just completed your amazing 8-week course, “Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop,” and it is PRICELESS! My relationship to money is forever changed. The discomfort I have always had with making money and charging money for my services has been transformed. The expertise I have to offer is life-changing and priceless and I have become comfortable and confident charging fees that match the value I provide. In this brief period of time my clients and my income have doubled. One of my clients remarked, “good for you!” when I told her about my increased rates. Also I notice that I am not hanging into money so tightly—it seems to be flowing through me. It feels easy and natural to be more generous. Thank you, Chellie, for sharing your wisdom, your incredible expertise, and your fun-loving “dolphin” spirit. I admire and appreciate you.”
–Dr. Sherie Zander, Psychotherapist, 310-472-9736

But the class is about more than money.

It is about living a rich life in every area. One woman brought her husband to class because, although they made plenty of money, they had no time in which to enjoy it. The owner of his own public relations firm, he had become a workaholic through fear of losing business if he wasn’t available—even for a day. By the end of class, they were able to schedule a trip to France with friends for an entire month.

I Promise RESULTS – Not Just Information

“A bad coach can tell you what you’re doing wrong. A good coach can tell you how to fix it. And a great coach can tell you one thing that will fix five things.” —Orel Hershiser

There are 500 television channels, 5 million-plus books listed on, and zillions of pages of ezines, web sites, wikipedia, etc. All the information you could ever want about how to be richer, smarter, more successful, healthier, thinner, younger is readily available.

So why aren’t we rich already? Smarter? More successful? Healthier?

The reason is that it isn’t information that counts – it’s the implementation of the information. All the knowledge in the world won’t help you unless you put it into action.
That requires self-motivation, willingness to embrace change, willingness to fail until you get it right, and constant application of new behaviors that are outside your comfort zone.

But that’s the hardest thing for human beings to do. Interrupt our comfortable habits – even if destructive – to change and do things differently long enough, consistently enough, to make the new information take hold and create more successful outcomes.

This is why it is important to have a knowledgeable coach and mentor to help you. Because they can see your blind spot, the thing that keeps you from your dreams, and they can keep watch and help you around it, over it, through it. It can’t be done in a weekend. But it can be done in just 8 weeks!


“Before the class had ended, I closed a $48,000 contract.”

“I took Chellie’s Financial Stress Reduction Workshop this past spring and boy did it change my attitude about asking for what I am worth! Before the class had ended, I closed a $48,000 contract. The largest ever for me so far. My business is less than three years old and my client base is growing rapidly…The information was presented in a very organized, engaging manner, woven with personal stories of Chellie’s to which we all could relate. The positive affirmations were powerful and I continue to practice them to this day. I have gifted her book The Wealthy Spirit to a colleague and he has seen a change in his attitude towards money and his earning power. Never again will I sell myself short, because I know I am worth every penny. I am thankful I met Chellie and have no regrets about investing my time and money in her course, a MUST DO for every business person who needs a wake up call in the financial department.”—Laurie Hurley, CEO The Social Networking, 805-498-9097


“I doubled my income in 12 weeks!”

“You changed me – for the better. Where my business used to be 90% insurance paid, now it’s 90% full-fee private clients. I doubled my income in 12 weeks! Ka-ching! My clients and family love your books.”–Phyllis Chase, M.A., M.F.T., Radio Host, 310-402-8888

Yes, Chellie, I want to make more money and have more time off to enjoy life!

Save $1,000!
Regular price $3,500
Covid special $2,500

For the investment of $2,500* I understand I will receive:

  • Chellie’s complete Financial Stress Reduction Course – 8 two-hour classes given once per week for 8 weeks on Zoom
  • Downloadable recordings of each class
  • The Financial Stress Reduction® workbook – over 200 pages of information, strategies, exercises, and financial forms.
  • Access to Chellie by phone and email for personal help and support throughout the 8 weeks of the course
  • Chellie’s Money-Back Guarantee – you will be better off financially at the end of this workshop or your money will be refunded to you (Note: the fine print says you have to do the work.)

Classes are limited to 6 people so don’t miss out! Register today and start changing your life with money NOW!

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8 Mondays September 6, 2021 – October 25, 2021 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (PT)

8 Wednesdays September 8, 2021 – October 27, 2021 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm (PT)

Enroll today and I will help you make more money, have more time off for fun, and have the rich life you deserve!

With fondest wishes for your most fabulous success,


“Your magnificent course…is yielding a phenomenal return on my investment”

“Your magnificent course ‘Financial Stress Reduction’ is certainly one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. The structure of the program format, the material and information received is yielding a phenomenal return on my investment. Your fabulous presentations, the sharing of personal experiences made it very easy to relate to and to learn. The educational experience is translating into quantifiably real life results. For me there is no better way to show that true learning has taken place. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and dreams.”
–Paul J. Super, O.D., F.A.A.O. 310-820-2020


“Best month EVER last month…”

“Thanks to Chellie Campbell’s course, I no longer have the mindset that I am obligated to give everyone a deal! Best month EVER last month and already on track to beat that by another 50% increase in June. I’m doing the footwork and making those Gold Calls. Not so scary after all!” JuliAnn Stitick, Style Speaker and Consultant, 818-653-2101