Gun Control or ?

I just don’t get the opposition to gun control. If you want to own a gun for your protection and a rifle for hunting, ok. But if you want to own 14 KK47s, 12 rifles, 42 handguns, and a submachine gun, you should be stopped. And watched closely forever by every law enforcement agency known to man. All in favor?

I posted this yesterday on Facebook, and have gotten more responses to this than anything I’ve ever written. People chimed in with their positions – pro and con – but without slamming others or using curse words. Just respectful, articulate conversation about what might work, what doesn’t work, and what the future might hold. Awesome!

buddha on right by Gayle E
Buddha by Gayle Etcheverry

Some background on why I stand where I stand:

When I was in my 20s and a working actress, I worked in a theater in a bad neighborhood. I bought a handgun and carried it with me because I was afraid. After that, the gun sat in my closet. As I studied spirituality and the law of attraction, I started to feel that having that gun was attracting the experience of having to use it, so I sold it and breathed easier. Years later, I was attacked at 3 am in my home. I woke up, screamed, and he grabbed me and I fought him off. I would not have had time or opportunity to reach for that gun if I had still owned it. Likely if I had tried, he might have got it away from me and I would be dead. Two years after that, a man robbed me a gunpoint in an underground parking garage. He came up behind me and said, “Give me your money!” (Not one of the prosperity affirmations I teach.) I turned around to see a big guy with a big gun and handed over my purse immediately. Again, I would not have had an opportunity to reach into my purse for that gun if I had it. If I had tried, he probably would have shot me. As it was, he took the purse, my jewelry and ran off. So I feel my choice to NOT have a gun has preserved my life.

Would love to hear your comments. You can post them on this blog or go to my Facebook page and chime in on the discussion there.