Income Possibilities

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

284-October 11

“By mistake, a man received his pay envelope without a check inside. He asked: ‘What happened? Did my deductions finally catch up with my salary?’”—Anonymous


It is critically important to do the math and count your money. This is particularly important in the planning stages of creating income either by opening a business or getting a new job. Doing the math is a simple process, but one I find that many people ignore. They get excited about an idea and dream of making a lot of money in their business. But as important as enthusiasm and dreams are, they don’t make you successful unless the numbers add up. It is amazing how often this simple step could save someone months or years of struggle.

Michael, an energetic young man in the seminar business, sent me his goals for the year, and outlined how he was going to the achieve them. His goal was to make $5,000 per month teaching seminars. He had three different seminars, and this was his enrollment plan:

15 people in Seminar #1 at $30 per person

10 people in Seminar #2 at $50 per person

15 people in Seminar #3 at $50 per person

As I looked at his plan, I noticed that he hadn’t listed the total amounts he would earn from each seminar, so I did the math:

15 people x $30 = $ 450

10 people x $50 = $ 500

15 people x $50 = $ 750

Total Income: $1700

Try as I might, I couldn’t make this enrollment plan add up to a $5,000 per month income. It is $3,300 short! Clearly, this man would be constantly disappointed in trying to meet his income goal of $5,000 per month. He needed to enroll more people or charge more for his seminars.

Remember that the first three steps to financial stress reduction are:

  1.    Think positive
  2.    Send out ships
  3.    Count your money

The first two are important, but you can’t forget about the third.

Today’s Affirmation: “Money is piling up in all of my accounts.”

Well, I’m a bit late getting my blog post up today. You see, I’ve been busy sending out ships and making “Gold Calls” for my next 8-week Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses that start next week! I gave a free teleclass two weeks ago and got hundreds of people on the call, but the sales of the workshop happen after that, when I call the people who were on the call. Most people don’t do this step, just relying on the information in their free teleclasses to sell their products and services. But my service is very personal, and I want to have a connection with each member of the small mastermind group that takes my class. On the “Confidence, Charisma and Cash” call, I actually taught people how to network and how to make the follow-up phone calls after that. So it seems natural to follow up the free call with a personal phone call, yes?

People have been surprised by my call, and happy to talk with me, which is wonderful! I’ve been delighted chatting with them and getting to know them and forming a relationship. Some people signed up right away, and some are waiting until later…and of course, some people will never actually take my class. That’s always the way it is when you’re in business and selling your products and services. If you make enough calls, enough people will buy from you.

So I’m selling out next week’s classes and I am thrilled! Can’t wait to get started working with everyone.

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