Joe To Go Coffee

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

354 – December 20

“The only person who never makes a mistake is the one who never does anything.”—Theodore Roosevelt


My friend, Erik, gave me a pound of Joe To Go Coffee. It was a delicious blend called “Chocolate Hazelnut.” I thoroughly enjoyed it, and when it was gone, I wanted more. So I called Erik to find out where to get some, and he offered to order a five pound bag for me. Delighted, I said, “Great!” and waited for the delivery of my yummy coffee.

And waited.

And waited.

No coffee.

Finally, I called Erik and asked what had happened. He assured me that he had ordered the coffee and the company had said they shipped it. “I’ll call them today and find out what happened,” he said.

He called back a few minutes later and said that somehow my coffee got shipped to Boston. He apologized for the mistake and said I should get my coffee in a couple of days. Sure enough, two days later, I got my coffee and considered the matter settled.

Five days later, I received another package from Joe To Go Coffee—two five pound bags, one of Vanilla Nut and the other of Chocolate Amaretto. “Oops!” I thought, “Another mistake. I didn’t order this. These people are going to have to get their act together.”

I called Erik and reported this new error. Imagine my pleasure and surprise when he told me that the company had sent these ten pounds as a gift to apologize for their late shipment to me of my original order! They could have blamed the shipping company, they could have blamed a “clerical error” or “computer glitch,” they could have said nothing and done nothing. Instead, they sent me a present.

I am loving my coffees. I serve it to all my clients and guests. And I tell them all this story. I am giving Joe To Go Coffee oodles of free publicity, great testimonials, new customers, and now they’re in this book. Because they not only have a high quality product, but they have high quality care for their customers: They cared enough about me to send me a present to apologize for a mistake. I was delighted and impressed. For ten pounds of coffee, they got a customer for life. Send out a little ship, in comes a big ship.

So what do you do when you make a mistake?

Today’s Affirmation: “I blaze trails of happiness everywhere I go!”


I ordered coffee from Joe to Go for years, and then they either changed the name or were bought out, because they answer the phone “Supreme Bean” now. Since I stopped doing my workshops in person and now do them as a teleclass, I don’t have to provide coffee for my participants, so I don’t buy that much coffee any more. And the grocery stores sell the fancy coffees now, too, so I just buy my small quantities there.

Right now, I’m on a diet to reduce the acid in my system, so have had to stop drinking coffee. Yikes. No caffeine, nothing spicy, no fruit juice, no chocolate, no tomatoes. Giving up tomatoes and tomato sauce was hard (do you know how many things you eat use tomatoes? Pizza, spaghetti, all the Italian and Mexican dishes, BLTs, chili…but no coffee?? Jeez-o-man. Kill me now.

None of this
None of this

This isn’t really the point of my Wealthy Spirit story, but I just need to vent here a little bit. I’m feeling quite put out by having restrictions on my diet. I know it’s probably very good for me to have a cleanse and release toxins from my body. I can put a good spin on it, too, see?

But I remember the ad I saw for coffee once that said something like, “Sure, if you don’t buy the latte every day, you can save $1,500 this year. But man, you’d be cranky.”

What makes you cranky?


  1. Thanks for commiserating, Jan. Good luck with your HCG diet – I’ve heard that really works. I’m with you on great bread and butter, and luckily for me, that’s still on my plan!

  2. That is a huge sacrifice, coffee and tomatoes. I’m on HCG diet and counting the days until I can pull that bread out of the freezer and slap on some butter. But am also extremely relieved and pleased that I’m losing weight!
    My friends eat regular food and that’s OK, I choose to do this and it’s working!!