Julie and the One Hundred Calls

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

55 – February 24

“God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into the nest.”—Josiah Gilbert Holland

Julie, a sensational public speaker, hated making her sales calls. She loved speaking and was really good at it. She had valuable lessons to share and wonderful experiences to recount; people loved listening to her and learning from her. But “sending out ships” was hard: Pick up the phone, call strangers who may or may not want to talk to her, get rejected, rebuffed, put off, disconnected…oh, this was not fun at all.

She knew this was a necessity in her business, however. And it’s a necessity in every business! Until you become known, with so many repeat and referral clients, you have to be out there talking to people. The more you talk to people, the more you become known. You can’t wait for people to discover you and call you—it could be a long wait, and how will you eat and pay your bills in the meantime? Not making phone calls is like standing in the shadows at a party—you know you’re there, but no one else does. You have to pick up the golden phone and smile and dial.

She made one hundred phone calls over the next two days. And the hundredth call resulted in a speaking engagement for four thousand dollars! That’s her motivation for the next one hundred calls.

Am I hearing “Yeah, buts” from you now? Are you wondering how this story applies to you if you aren’t in your own business or in sales? Well, how about making one hundred calls to help your boss or your company improve their profitability and see what happens? Or one hundred calls to get a better job? Or one hundred calls to raise funds for your favorite charity?

What could happen for you in one hundred calls?

Today’s Affirmation: “I receive tremendous rewards every time I dial the phone!”

If there’s a problem in a business, the problem is usually in the shipping.

Not postal service shipping, but “Sending Out Ships” – sales calls, marketing, advertising, etc. People need you! You’ve got to put your hand up, put a sign out, and let people know who you are, what you do, and where you are.

Here are some samples of ships you can send out:

Ads online

Ads in newspapers & magazines

Ads on television

Listings in membership directories

Networking (you’re the ad)

Give speeches

Facebook (and don’t just send pitches, be a real friend and contribute to conversations)





White papers

Press releases

Joint ventures



Web site

Membership site

Squeeze page or sales page

Shopping cart

Books and ebooks (The Wealthy Spirit was the best brochure for my workshop I ever did)

Book signings

Free teleclasses

Free consultations

Free samples

Advertising specialties (pens, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)

Videos on Youtube



WOM (word of mouth)

What else do you do? What works best for you in your business?


  1. Thanks for your comments, everyone! Dwyane,I like your additions – they definitely work for lead gathering, too.

    Joe, there’s a difference between “marketing” and “sales”. I keep track of phone calls because that’s where most of my sales come from. I don’t keep track of all the other stuff that is just a part of my regular week. It’s so much easier to send out an email or post on twitter etc. There’s no personal contact. Going to a networking meeting and just waiting for people to call you is just marketing, too. Sales happen when you have a personal conversation with someone about what your product or service can do to help them, and I knew that was the key to my business, so I invented the Ships Log to help keep me on purpose with that.

    You can invent a master list of marketing activities, too – just put all of them in a list across the top of the page and down the side put the days of the week like on the ships log. The list will be longer so forget target and actual and just go for actual. That should help!

    Visioning all your ships coming in this week, my dears!

  2. Hi Chellie and everyone,

    I wonder if you could help me with something. How would I go about integrating these other forms of “contact” into the “Ships Log” form? Of course, the form’s columns go like so: PHONE DIALS > CONVERSATIONS > APPOINTMENTS > MEETINGS

    Well, if I make a Twitter or Facebook post, take out an ad, give a talk- are these “sales” actions supposed to fit into the form?

    Any examples would sure be appreciated!


  3. TheTopBanana says

    Personal appearances…trade shows, consumer shows, farmer’s markets, community fairs. They are great places to meet people, and if you pick the right one(s) they are a great place to meet YOUR people!

  4. Great list – my addition is showing up in person to local businesses, just to say hello and see how they are.

  5. Wonderful list! As I learn about the many choices it still will come down to personally networking and the phone.