Save Your Singles

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

240-August 28

“Penny and penny, laid up will be many.”—Anonymous

Many people have saved extra money just by saving their loose change at the end of the day. Over time, all that change mounts up and can added to savings accounts, vacation spending, holiday gifts, etc. Suzanne Miller, who creates wonderful designer jewelry, started saving dollar bills instead of change. At the end of each day, she just took all the singles out of her wallet and put them away in a cookie jar in her closet. It became a habit, and she never missed the money.

Her business was booming. She hired people to help her and added more jewels and precious stones to her inventory. Much of her income was invested in expanding her business. The holidays were approaching and she wanted to travel to see family and take a vacation. Remembering her singles savings, she looked to see if there was enough to help with her plans.

This is what she was able to do with the money she found in her closet:

1. She bought a round trip ticket to Tucson from Los Angeles.

2. She bought a round trip ticket to Seattle from Los Angeles.

3. She put a 50% deposit on a vacation package to Jamaica.

Just from saving singles at the end of the day!

Today’s Affirmation: “All the money in my possession increases every day!”

One year, my sister Jane and her husband Dick (yes, Dick and Jane hee) were looking forward to their 2-week trip to the East Coast, planning sight-seeing, athletic contests, theatre, and a long drive up the coast from New York to Maine. They left Los Angeles on Thursday, landing in New York in the evening.

Just in time for Hurricane Irene.

Jane texted the family, alerting us to the news that everything in New York was closed: “Hi, guys! Subways, museums, shops, theaters all to be closed for the weekend! No athletic events either. We are safe in Manhattan. Bought deck of cards and jigsaw puzzle. Hotel has cafes and bars. We’ll keep you posted!”

I wrote her back that at least she was having a new experience – living all her life in California, she had never been through a hurricane.

Her daughter Marissa later posted this picture she received from them:

“Keeping calm before the storm!”

I wonder if this drink is a “Manhattan” or a “Hurricane”?