The Workers in the Vineyard

265-September 22 “For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”—Matthew 7:8 I love the parables in the Bible, the Sufi stories, and all the metaphysical teaching stories Wise and Holy Ones have shared with us through the ages. Sometimes they make me tear my hair out, however. The one in the Bible about the workers in the vineyard bugged me for years. This is the story about a man who hires laborers early in the morning to work in his vineyard. He agrees to pay them each one denarius. Later in the day, he hires additional workers and pays them one denarius also. Then, in the evening, when the day’s work is almost done, he hires some more workers. And—you … [Read more...]

Ten More Stupid Things People Do to Mess up Their Money

264-September 21 “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”—John Wayne After I was set to appear on the Dr. Laura Show, they decided to add another segment—they wanted me to do a “man-on-the-street” type interview à la Jay Leno. I had to think up some questions to ask people about money that they might have funny responses to. My research team of poker players came up with: “Whose picture is on the $10 bill?” (Alexander Hamilton); “What does ‘FICA’ stand for?” (Federal Insurance Constitution Act—this is your contribution to Social Security); “What does the ‘k’ in ‘401k’ stand for?” (nothing—it’s just a section of the tax code); among others. The day of the filming, I had to talk myself out of being nervous. I did … [Read more...]

Ten Stupid Things People Do to Mess up Their Money

263-September 20 “Money in the bank is like toothpaste in the tube. Easy to take out, hard to put back.”—Earl Wilson “Chellie, call this producer right now!” Felicia said. A producer named Lori was looking for a “money expert” for the Dr. Laura Show, and Felicia had told them about me. I thanked her profusely, called Lori, and faxed her my information. An hour later, Lori called me back and said yes, they wanted to have me on the show. Great! Then she said, “Think up something fun to do with Dr. Laura for six minutes. Call me back at six o’clock tonight.” It was noon, and I was leaving for Las Vegas at two o’clock with four friends for our annual Super Bowl weekend trip. This was a short-notice request, but at least I had more … [Read more...]

Appreciating vs. Depreciating Assets

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction” 259-September 16 “Debt is a trap which a man sets and baits himself, and then deliberately gets into.”—Josh Billings This is the story of the new car I didn’t buy. At least, not right away…. I had weathered many financial storms, but the sun was shining now. My new business was booming. I was earning good money, saving regularly, and was on the road to becoming debt-free for the first time in my life. I did my positive affirmations daily and my “High Budget” was becoming a reality. Then I happened across a brand-new Lexus GS 300. A brilliant, sparkling, gold, sporty model, I could picture my cute … [Read more...]

There’s Always Hope on the Seventh Green

258-September 15 “Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be.”—Charlie “Tremendous” Jones Tim Collins was studying hard for his Series Six license. To become a financial planner, he needed to pass a complicated test in order to receive his license to buy and sell securities. He had tried six times already, but had not passed. He knew the material perfectly, but a deep-seated fear of tests prevented him from achieving his goal. With each defeat, his determination to succeed grew stronger—but so did his fear of another disappointment. He began each test with high expectations that yes, this time he would … [Read more...]