Megan Cavallari

"Chellie Campbell is everything you need from a coach! Strategies to win.Knowledge to give you the advantage. She is equally tough and compassionate. Chelley has the unique ability to help you access your weaknesses, analyze them and then gives you the tools to overcome them. Just be fortunate you live in Los Angeles where you can be coached by the best!" — Megan Cavallari, Composer, Producer, TALK Foundation Founder, 310-586-7475 … [Read more...]

John C. O’Connor

"Chellie Campbell is a bright and beautiful guide along the path from frustration to fortune and fulfillment. Chellies coaching and insights are practical, simple yet elegant and profound. Her wise, uplifting and humorous words and exercises have dramatically improved my bottom line. No one leaves a class with Chellie without the key tools they need to succeed. The extra ingredient everyone finds with Chellie is a huge dose of INSPIRATION to help keep us on that path to success and fullfillment. My advice: TAKE CHELLIES CLASS!" — John C. O'Connor, CFP, MA, O'Connor Financial, 310-453-6888 … [Read more...]

Carol Allen

"The best thing I ever did for my business was take Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction Workshop and to use her book "The Wealthy Spirit" as my bible. I cannot recommend Chellie highly enough. She takes all the mystery and agony and pain out of selling, marketing, understanding who "your people" are, how to get your "mind right," and how to get the money rolling in! I know hundreds of people who have taken her workshop who can attest that it was a Godsend and miracle to their business. I am constantly using what she taught me and when things aren't going well I can always trace it to the fact that I'm not doing enough of what she taught me." — Carol Allen, Relationship Coach and Radio Host, 323-255-5265, … [Read more...]

Charlene Apel

"I finished your course in June of 2003 with grand hopes of expanding my Telemedicine software business. I read your book faithfully for a year and then began reading it again. Last year was the best sales year our little company (6 folks) has had in its 20 year history. We had our first Million Dollar Year…Chellie, I want to acknowledge you and thank you for the stand that you are for financial abundance for us all." — Charlene Apel, President, Second Opinion Software, LLC, 310-538-2800, … [Read more...]

Amy Powers

"Under Chellie's delightfully fun, forthright and comprehensive guidance, I made fundamental shifts in my attitude towards money and in my ability to envision, control and enrich both my business and my personal finances. This course is hands down the best investment I have ever made." — Amy Powers, Lyricist/Producer, 323-646-4135 … [Read more...]