Kathleen Hall Goldner

"Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction Workshop is a must for all entrepreneurs that need to take their businesses not just to the next level but to a higher plane. Chellie showed me the way to open my mind and put into motion the actions I needed to be a successful Realtor and now my business has increased 100%." — Kathleen Hall Goldner, Coldwell Banker, 310-913-1118, www.kathleenhallgoldner.com … [Read more...]

Sossi Crilly

"Chellie Campbell helped me with the inner strength I lacked. I enjoyed her class so much I am now able to recognize a Dolphin from a Tuna, and definitely know who the Sharks are.!! But the best thing I received from her class was to say NO and not feel guilty. From that experience I landed a wonderful job within weeks after taking the class that has doubled my income." — Sossi Crilly, Financial Title Company, 866-800-3830, www.sossicrilly.com … [Read more...]

Greg Mooers

"The last day of Chellie's workshop (I have taken it twice and both times it doubled my income) I asked if there was any reason I would not go ahead and take it again back to back (since there is a money back guarantee that you'll make at least as much as you spend on it). She said, "Ok" and I almost signed up but had too many clients from the last time. Work with Chellie and you're gonna have these high quality problems!" — Greg Mooers, 310-428-0400, www.LifeCamp.com … [Read more...]

Dr. Nancy B. Irwin

“The tenets of Chellie’s Wealthy Spirit and the Financial Stress Reduction Workshop are absolutely the backbone of my business. Fortunately, I took the class right as I was opening my private practice, and it saved me a lot of the “first-year-in-business-in-the-red blues.” Smartest money I ever paid. My peers are shocked and amazed at how fast I grew my business and how much money I made in my first year. The best part is, she makes money management SO SIMPLE. Thanks, Chellie! I’m now the powerful businesswoman I always wanted to be!" — Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Therapeutic Hypnosis/Psychotherapy 310-235-2882, www.drnancyirwin.com … [Read more...]

Gaye Kruger-Ribble

"When I first took Chellie’s class I was worried that I could not pay my rent. After Chellie’s class, using her principles and my new career direction I doubled my income in the first 6 months and with in two years was a million dollar producer in my industry. The following year I bought my first home that is now worth over 1 million. That’s a long way from the apartment that I didn’t have the rent for. Warning…Only take Chellie class if you want to be financially successful." — Gaye Kruger-Ribble, StandOut Marketing Strategies, 509-919-4794 … [Read more...]