Jess H. Perlman

"As you know, I am a cynic. I was doubtful that reciting affirmations and creating a positive attitude could make a difference in my business (and profits). You have more than proven that what you promised (a guaranteed increase in sales and profits) could come true. After several weeks of classes I noticed both a change in my attitude and in my revenue. I first noticed results when I added my sales totals for November and December 1999. Just as you promised, my sales and profits had significantly increased. The two months that I was enrolled in your class were the two best consecutive months that I have had since starting my business. Today, I often stray from your philosophies and teachings and my income (and good leads) seems to decline … [Read more...]

Paul J. Super, O.D., F.A.A.O.

"Your magnificent course 'Financial Stress Reduction®' is certainly one of the best educational experiences I have ever had. The structure of the program format, the material and information received is yielding a phenomenal return on my investment…Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and dreams." Update 5-23-00: "Thank you so much for the most fantastic class. It has been the second time and exponential improvement occurred. Your energy, enthusiasm and insights are magnificent. The program material and delivery are wonderful. I am sincerely grateful for this time to learn from you." — Paul J. Super, O.D., F.A.A.O., 310-820-2020, … [Read more...]

Greg Mooers

"Hey Chellie…I'm sure your Financial Stress Reduction Workshop is flourishing... you deliver true value! Every time I've taken your workshop you promise I'll make more money than it costs and I always have - that's undeniable, measurable value! You rock!"—Greg Mooers,, 310-428-0400 … [Read more...]

Jenee Dana

“I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to create your workshop and share it with us. The training I received in your workshop was incredible and the best thing I could have done as a brand new business owner because I am going to start my business the right way. And thanks for being you, because you give me permission to be me, and I love that.”—Jenee Dana, My Focus Book, LLC, 323-356-0420, … [Read more...]