The Optimism Insurance Policy

Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

246-September 3

“How many joys are crushed under foot because people look up at the sky and disregard what is at their feet?”—Catharina Elisabetha Goethe

Al the accountant bought a lottery ticket for himself every week. He said that it was his optimism insurance policy. Each week when he bought his ticket, he had fun thinking that he could win the lottery and become a millionaire. He smiled and spoke of how it much fun it was to think about having something wonderful like that happen. It kept him in a happy frame of mind all week. When the day of the drawing arrived, he would look at his ticket and think, “Today could be my lucky day!” If he didn’t win, he would immediately buy another ticket: “Maybe next time!” He always kept his optimism insurance policy renewed and in full force.

Don’t mention the lottery to my friend, Dave. He’s really mad about all the money he wasted buying tickets when he’s never won anything. He thinks it’s rigged, unfair, sinful, bad, and a rip-off because he hasn’t won. He is full of resentment towards the people who have won it, the state that runs it, the government that allows it, and the other players who are losers.

Not every dollar you spend has to be sensible and smart. Some part of your budget needs to be “mad money” or “spree money”—money you can spend for fun. If you get a return on your investment great, if not, so what? But, if you can’t have fun with it, don’t do it.

The eleventh commandment is “Thou Shalt Lighten Up.”

Today’s Affirmation: “Today is a very lucky day, filled with wonderful surprises and money!”

Happy Labor Day to all my friends! It’s a day off for all who labor to earn their way in the world, give perfect service for perfect pay, and make the world a better place in any small way.

It’s great to take some time off to play, to relax, and give yourself breathing room. I kept my agreement with myself not to do emails on Sunday, but I admit I am catching up briefly today. I found an email from a friend who asked if I could help her Sunday afternoon, which I missed, so I’ll let her know I’m not working Sundays anymore, and today I have plans for fun, so I’d be delighted to talk with her tomorrow. It’s tempting to want to do it now, but I’ve found if I don’t set rules and boundaries for myself, I am always working. (Anybody else have that problem?)

It helps that I just taught the Time Management session of my 8-week Financial Stress Reduction teleclass last week, so I can remind myself to walk my talk! I’m a happier, more well-balanced person when I do…funny how it works.

Your job today is to have fun and enjoy life!!