Money Affirmations That Make You Money!

“Chellie, an editor is interested in your book!” my agent, Lisa Hagan, exclaimed happily.  “I sent her a bunch of proposals, and she returned all of them to me except for yours!  Now she wants to talk to you.” My heart was thumping and my breath came fast.  This could be the break we’d been waiting for.  Lisa and I had been working together to find a publisher for my book, “The Wealthy Spirit” for over a year, through endless rounds of interest, rejections, almost-deals, and deals that fell through. “Deb likes your book, but has some changes to suggest,” Lisa went on.  “Here’s her number.  Good luck!” I tried to calm down and dialed Deb’s number.  We introduced ourselves and chatted pleasantly for a few minutes.  Then I asked the fateful … [Read more...]

Party Networking or “Are You George?”

I love advertising my business through networking with other upbeat business people.  There are many networking groups in every city—trade organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, national associations, etc. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to business organizations.  Parties are unofficial networking groups.  One January, I was invited to a friend’s New Year’s Day party, and I only knew a few people there.  My friend, Victoria, introduced me to a woman friend of hers who was reading my book and enjoying it. “You have to meet George!” she told me.  “He has your book and he has been faithfully reading it one page every day.  He would love to meet you.” Well, I always enjoy talking to a fan—I will go out of my way to find … [Read more...]


“Everyone wants to be treated like gold—even if they’re only silver.”—Unknown An inspirational radio show that had me crying in a traffic jam on the 405. It was seven o’clock on a slightly drizzly, busy Saturday night and the 405 freeway was jammed with cars. Unlike what you may see in the movies, there were no horns honking, no raised fists, or yelled epithets. Los Angeles drivers know there’s bunched up traffic on Saturday night and know that fretting about it won’t get them where they’re going any faster.  So everyone waited patiently in their metal cubicles as they snaked along to their various destinations. I was on my way from a holiday party in Palos Verdes to a family dinner in Chatsworth.  I knew it would be a two-hour journey … [Read more...]

The Spider at the Gate

Each night, the little spider at my front gate works busily, weaving his web to catch his morning breakfast. He is diligent and hard-working, he studied design and construction, and he makes a fine web. But very morning, I break his web apart as I pass through to collect my morning newspaper. I’m sure the spider sees the destruction and whines, “Why does this always happen to me? I work as hard as any other spider I know. I’m so unlucky! It’s not fair!” The spider in at my gate isn’t unlucky – he has just chosen the wrong location for his business. Apparently, he didn’t have the advice of a good real estate agent who could have told him the three most important rules: Location, location, location! Other spiders chose the right real … [Read more...]

The 12-Step Program for Financial Stressaholics

The Twelve-Step Program for Financial Stressaholics I was speaking at a 12-step meeting recently, and this Twelve-Step program for Financial Stressaholics suddenly came to me. With a wink and a nod to Alcoholics Anonymous and twelve-step programs everywhere, here are the twelve steps to treat your money disorders – spending bulimia and income anorexia: 1.           We admitted we were powerless over money—that our checkbooks had become unmanageable. 2.           Came to believe that a Budget greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. 3.           Made a decision to turn our will, insurance, checkbooks, and retirement accounts over to the care of a Financial Advisor that we understood. 4.           Made a searching and fearless … [Read more...]