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319-November 15

“What do I think about when I strike out? I think about hitting home runs.”—Babe Ruth


Back in the seventies, my sister, Jane, went on the game show Password. She was their all-time champ, reigning for a total of nine days. In those days, big money was a few hundred dollars, and she made $5,000! The whole family celebrated and loved watching one of our own have her fifteen minutes of fame and fortune on television.

Well, I wanted to do it, too. I watched the show daily for several months, practiced with my sister, and then went down to the Password audition—and yes! I was selected to be on the show. I arrived at the television studio, heart-thumping and dollar signs shining before my eyes…and then, I didn’t win. Boo, hiss. The agony of defeat instead of the thrill of victory.

By now, you must have figured out that I am a proponent of the “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on trucking until you do” school. So I made a few other non-noteworthy attempts at game show stardom, then in 1985, was selected to appear on Tic-Tac-Dough. This was my kind of show: Play tic-tac-toe by answering fairly easy, general questions and win money.

And I won! I was on the show a total of three days. They filmed five shows a day, so you had to bring changes of clothes so it looked like you were coming back on a different day. By the filming of the third show, my brain wouldn’t work any more, and I was out of the show after missing the question, “What was the name of the TV show starring Michael Landon in which he played an angel?” Oooh, it’s on the tip of my tongue, something-way, I think, I know Stairway to the Stars? Nope. Highway to Heaven. My short reign as champion was over.

For my three days’ work, I took home a refrigerator, a stove, a typewriter, a trip to Hong Kong, $5,000 cash and an aroma-therapy record player device—about $10,800 worth of cash and prizes. I was delighted. Another goal accomplished!

What’s the lesson in this story and how can you apply it in your own life? There are always many layers in these stories. Here’s a few to get you started:

  1.      Look for opportunities to make extra money and have fun.
  2.    Step outside your comfort zone and take a risk.
  3.     Study the winners and see how they do it.
  4.     Keep on truckin’.
  5.     Life is a game show.


Today’s Affirmation: “I am a winner in the Game of Life!”

I’m very pleased to be a guest on Stacey Mayo’s radio show tonight – we had a rollicking conversation! It’s so much fun to talk with energetic Dolphins of like mind.

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