Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

32 – February 1

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”—John Ruskin

Perhaps it is winter now for you. Winter, when the trees have shed the last of their clothes and chill is in the air whether or not snow is on the ground. If the frost has reached in and touched your heart—and your pocketbook—and left you frozen with grief and helplessness, there is comfort to be found in the continuum of the seasons. Spring will come again. The snows will melt from around your heart, your frozen assets will thaw, the seedlings of the money tree will sprout new leaves of green cash.

Winter is a time of quiet hibernation, a drawing within, harboring your inner resources. Take time to breathe and relax. Meditate. Pray. But stay away from desperate, needy entreaties! Remember that they’re affirmations, not desperations. Make your prayers ones of gratitude for whatever warmth remains in your life. Thank God for the gifts of fortitude, endurance, patience, persistence, and faith. Remember with assurance that spring will arrive—and on time—again. Focus on the abundance that is coming, rather than on the cold hearth of the present. Beneath the surface of the barren ground, vibrant life is waiting for its rebirth in spring. Brilliant diamonds lie hidden in the heart of coal, and golden threads of a new dawning are just around the corner from the stars and moonbeams of the night. The sun will warm the earth again, the grass will grow, your heart will lighten. Love and money will renew their acquaintance with you, tipping their hats and nodding good day.

Today’s Affirmation: “The joys of springtime are bursting into bloom in my life!”

It’s been winter for a lot of people I’ve been talking with lately. They have caught the very nasty cold/flu bug that’s going around and have been down for the count. There are a lot of cold remedies out there that help soothe the achy, running nose, stuffy nose, sniffle, cough code-in-da-node symptoms, but nothing really cures it. You just have to rest and wait.

This is very difficult for Type-A, busy entrepreneurs.

There’s an old joke that says, “If you do nothing, your cold will last 7 days. On the other hand, if you go to the doctor, take Tylenol, Nyquil, Theraful, or cough medicine…your cold will last 7 days.” The medications are good for relieving symptoms, helping you sleep and feel better, but a cold is a cold and will last how long it lasts. They just don’t have a cure for it yet.

This is when entrepreneurs start getting uptight about all the work they aren’t able to do. Once when it happened to me, I started getting really anxious that my next teleclass was starting in two weeks and I was missing out on a whole week’s worth of marketing and selling, and maybe I’d have fewer people and make less money, etc. etc.…grumble, grumble.

Then I remembered that I had set the dates of the workshops, and I could jolly well move the start date back a week if I wanted to.

Have you ever beat yourself up about not making a deadline when you were the one that set the deadline in the first place?

Yeah, that’s true craziness.

So I got smart and declared that the next 8-week Financial Stress Reduction® teleclasses had been postponed two weeks and would start two weeks later.

I just pressed my Staples “That was easy” button. Ahhhh. I felt better immediately.

That schedule you beat yourself up with? You made it up. So you can make up something else! What would you like to change or rearrange in your life today?

And my next 8-week Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclasses start the week of February 19th:

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