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Updated insider information by Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction”

115-April 25

“What is not yours always chirps for its master.”—Spanish Proverb


Your money is Your Money. You can’t lose money that’s yours and you can’t get money that isn’t yours.

It might appear that you can. Someone breaks into your house and steals your jewelry, your stereo, television, and other things you bought and paid for. It certainly looks like you’ve lost money that’s yours. And it definitely looks like the thief got money and items that weren’t his.

But that is only in the short term. If you take a longer view, you will find that you always replace the stolen items. Maybe you had insurance that replaced everything for you. Or someone gives you a television they don’t need anymore. Or you get a raise, a promotion, or a new job that pays you more money. The money that was taken from you has been replaced because it was Your Money.

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Today’s Affirmation: “My Money is pouring into my life today from all directions!”


The number one reason most people don’t succeed as well as they’d like to is that they don’t follow up or follow through. Everyone knows “what goes around comes around” but then they don’t recognize when they fail to pay a bill, that means someone won’t be paying their bill. In the flurry of calling people that they need to speak with, they forget to return the calls from people who needed to speak to them.

My friend, Harriet Cohen, was quite impassioned about this when she wrote:

Is Follow-up passé?

I don’t get it.. Am I that old fashioned?  Do people just like to make empty promises?  If you say you are going to call or e-mail why don’t you do it?  It’s like the old line that if a man says he’ll call it means sometime in his lifetime.  Sorry ladies you are just as bad.

It happened again today.  A successful businesswoman was sent important information via e-mails and phone and never returned the calls, and is upset because she may have missed a deadline.  I have a client doing career transition and he gets people who offer to help then never do.  Do people just like to make empty promises?  Is there a point?

How many ways and how many times do people have to be told the key is the follow-up; not just doing it once but over and over until the deal is closed.  People go to networking meetings and collect business cards.  What will you do with the collection?  Do you e-mail and say it was nice meeting them or are you waiting for them to make the 1st move?  If that’s the case, why did you take the card to begin with? What was your purpose?

People complain they get nothing from networking meetings but they don’t follow up.  I have even been known to send handwritten thank you notes; now that’s old fashioned but yes it gets remembered.

My clients know I’ll connect with them within 24 hours.  I follow up with new people I meet almost as quickly and I stay in touch.  What’s your method of following up?  If you don’t have one you better get one soon before it makes no difference if you follow-up

Harriet Cohen is a terrific coach and business consultant. Her company Training Solutions provides clients expert assistance in the various disciplines of business development, strategic planning, human resources, training and development. You can find out more about her and her services at


  1. Thanks for your comment – it is amazing how people miss sales because they didn’t follow up. Women are especially bad at this because they don’t want to “bother people.” But I’ve found people are actually glad if you follow up! Once I called a woman every day for 5 days and finally reached her and she signed up for my workshop. When I asked her if she was bothered by my calls, she looked at me in surprise and said, “No! It made me feel you cared about me!” Hah!

  2. This is SO true. I am a psychotherapist and I am always amazed (and horrified) at how many of my colleagues return calls late or not at all to potential clients. Not only is the client in distress and needing contact right away, but the therapist is continually losing INCOME by not following a consistent follow-up practice. Case in point — I just returned an inquiry phone call (within an hour, BTW), and booked a full fee client!